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Przemienniki częstotliwości jako źródła zaburzeń napięcia w nieuziemionych sieciach zasilania IT

dr inż. Jerzy Szymański  | 7-8/2010  |  24.07.2010  |  29
Wyżłobienia w wirniku silnika pompy głębinowej o mocy 75 kW spowodowane wysokoczęstotliwościowymi prądami doziemnymi
Wyżłobienia w wirniku silnika pompy głębinowej o mocy 75 kW spowodowane wysokoczęstotliwościowymi prądami doziemnymi
J. Szymański

W artykule analizowany jest wpływ napędów z niskonapięciowymi przemiennikami częstotliwości dużych mocy zasilanych z sieci nieuziemionych, typu IT, na napięcie zasilania. Prądy upływu, które płyną przez doziemne pojemności pasożytnicze, powodują zaburzenia fazowych napięć zasilających. Negatywne skutki prądów upływu wzrastają w przemiennikach dużych mocy z długimi kablami silnikowymi. Autor wykazał, że stosując pojemnościowy filtr EMC (ang. ElectroMagnetic Capability) na zasilaniu przemiennika częstotliwości można radykalnie zmniejszyć zaburzenia napięć w sieci zasilania.

Zobacz także: Prądy doziemnie w napędach z przemiennikami częstotliwości zasilanymi z sieci górniczych

Przedmiotem analizy są zaburzenia napięć w izolowanej sieci zasilającej wywoływane napięciowymi przemiennikami częstotliwości stosowanymi w napędach przemysłowych. Często mylnie określa się przemiennik częstotliwości nazwą „falownik”, mimo że w obwodzie mocy przemiennika częstotliwości oprócz falownika jest jeszcze prostownik trójfazowy i obwód pośredni (rys. 1.). Moduł przemiennika częstotliwości, który przetwarza napięcie stałe na trójfazowe napięcie przemienne (konwerter dc/ac), można analizować jako trójfazowe symetryczne źródło napięć odkształconych (rys. 2.).

definicja napięcia zaburzeń wspólnych – uCM

Trójfazowe źródło napięć odkształconych wytwarza napięcia składowych zerowych. Suma tych składowych zerowych przedstawiona w dziedzinie czasu jest napięciem zaburzeń wspólnych – uCM. Napięcie zaburzeń wspólnych uCM można opisać równaniem (1). W przypadku fazowych napięć sinusoidalnych o częstotliwości f napięcie uCM sprowadza się do pojęcia napięcia składowej zerowej sinusoidalnego źródła napięć trójfazowych [5]:



Na rysunku 3. przedstawiono przebieg napięcia zaburzeń wspólnych na tle napięcia fazowego trójfazowego symetrycznego generatora napięć prostokątnych.

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Przy stosowaniu modulacji sinusoidalnej impulsów napięć fazowych falownika, napięcie zaburzeń wspólnych jest przebiegiem o skokowych zmianach napięcia i częstotliwości impulsów napięciowych trzykrotnie większej od częstotliwości impulsów napięć fazowych fp (rys. 4.). Cechą charakterystyczną takich przebiegów jest występowanie jedynie nieparzystych harmonicznych:

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Odkształcone napięcia fazowe o przebiegu prostokątnym można zapisać w postaci szeregu Fouriera za pomocą równań (2). Wartość amplitudy 1. harmonicznej przebiegu prostokątnego wynosi Uamp=(4/π)Ep, gdzie Ep jest wartością skuteczną i jednocześnie amplitudą prostokątnego przebiegu napięcia fazowego:





JohnArifs | 22.09.2017, 01:17 - payday loan | 22.09.2017, 01:57
Marijuana medical doctors get new enterprise buzz from legalization in California.

By providing affordable and dependable recommendations, DOC420 provides the option of convenient and quality holistic various
well being care to each qualifying affected person, at a low
cost. Our children are also a person.” As a result of there's no prohibition in opposition to youngsters getting authorized access
to medical pot, we will see increases in kids and younger adults smoking pot.
The amendment goes on to say, or for different conditions.” What
are other conditions?” Conditions like: My again hurts,” I am unable to sleep
at night time,” or I've some stress in my life.” With a loophole
like this, there isn't any limit to who will probably be
eligible to smoke pot.

The regulation additionally protects not-for-profit collective
and cooperative grow operations and allows primary caregivers to be reimbursed for the costs of their companies.
To be a legal medical hashish patient in California, all you want is a sound physician's
advice. A state-issued ID card shouldn't be required
to be a authorized patient, nevertheless it does look more official to the police.
For a listing of identified pointers for localities across California, see Additionally, the doctor's advice can specify that you just want an quantity of medical cannabis that exceeds the boundaries.
Also, California's law allows for cooperative grows and shelling out businesses, so long as
they aren't a for-profit entity.

So I went Googling, on the lookout for one other doctor shut by and
stumbled throughout 420EvaluationsOnline. I'm no
genius with computer systems, but it surely was within my pay
grade to get a marijuana advice for my arthritis utilizing 420EvaluationsOnline.

Simply got my advice from 420EvaluationsOnline as we speak,
I wish the whole lot was this straightforward. Now I do know why my good friend said 420EvaluationsOnline is
the most effective. I helped my pal who is nearly brain-useless with computer systems get a Marijuana suggestion with 420EvaluationsOnline.

I received my recommendation online this December, they're quick,
easy and low cost, Merry Christmas and Completely
satisfied New 12 months to all at 420EvaluationsOnline.

I acquired my Medical Marijuana paperwork finished at 420EvaluationsOnline,
it took perhaps 10 minutes. WE ARE THE #1 ONLINE MEDICAL
MARIJUANA CLINIC PROVIDERS. Which means we offer by-the-e-book,
professional and most importantly, value-efficient medical marijuana recommendations on-line for California residents.
We're an skilled crew of licensed 420 docs and professionals inside the area
of hashish consultation. At 420EvaluationsOnline
we conduct medical cannabis evaluations to make sure
you meet the requirements of obtaining a medical marijuana license.

Receive The Finest Medical Marijuana Suggestions.

Any affected person with a California doctor's recommendation could legally cultivate or
possess as a lot marijuana as they need for their own private medical use,
and no extra. Different unethical clinics are utilizing doctors
whose licenses are invalid or suspended, or are underneath the possession of non-physicians, which is against California
law. Our coverage is not to record illegal or unethical clinics at
this website. DISCOVER TO CONSUMERS: The Compassionate
Use Act of 1996 ensures that severely in poor health
Californians have the suitable to obtain and use hashish for medical functions
the place medical use is deemed applicable and has been recommended by a physician who has decided that the
person's well being would profit from the use of medical cannabis.

Regardless of California's medical hashish ID card system, you are not required
to possess an ID to be considered a legal patient. A simple docs suggestion will do the trick.
Nonetheless, the Americans for Protected Entry declare that MMJ playing cards, look extra official to the police,
” and are prone to work in your favor in court in case you
are out of state. To make clear, all you should turn out to be a
medical marijuana patient (a minimum of in California) is a state drivers license (or state ID) and a sound medical doctors suggestion. In California,
as with most medicinally legal states, you're required to provide
medical record of treatment to your illness or medical disability earlier than receiving
a advice for cannabis.

For this reason, it is extremely essential to scrutinize your doctor to ensure they
are taking your well being significantly, and supplying you
with an correct examination. The doctor should present concern in your normal well being,
and must be asking questions about your diagnosis, prior experience with hashish, and if in case you have self-medicated to assist your condition in the
past. Not solely should the physician have a thorough understanding
of the consequences of cannabis on numerous medical circumstances, but
also in regards to the ingesting, cultivating, and topical use
of hashish. As I acknowledged before, some bogus clinics will
try to sell one-month suggestions with all kinds of hidden fees.

Slightly than prescribing marijuana, healthcare providers recommend” medical Hashish by a state regulated authorized process.
To get a medical Hashish advice, it's essential to first
be evaluated by a doctor, who will discuss your condition and assist determine if medical Cannabis is an effective
choice to assist together with your ailment.
Proposition 215, the California Compassionate Use Act, was enacted by the voters and took impact on November 6,
1996 as California Health & Security Code 11362.5 The legislation makes it
authorized for patients and their designated main caregivers to possess and domesticate Hashish for their private medical
use given the advice or approval by a California-licensed doctor.

However, there's broad spread acceptance that nurse practitioners and other healthcare suppliers are capable of writing medical marijuana recommendations.
As of February 1, 2017, the medical Hashish division of the California Division of Public Health , said that only physicians can recommend medical Cannabis.
Beneath the Grownup Use Marijuana Act , which passed on November 8, 2016,
it will likely be legal to own under an oz. of
Cannabis with no physician's suggestion, however you won't be able to
buy Cannabis in stores with no doctor's suggestion until 2018.
Sufferers with a doctor's recommendation can nonetheless develop extra crops
if wanted, offered their native jurisdictions will allow it.

Is a California Skilled Legal Company that focuses on all areas of medical marijuana business legislation.Please don't hesitate to contact us
for a consultation on how you can set up your medical hashish business at the moment.

I might go online, find a doc, and see if I may get pot prescribed for a obscure, undocumented medical
problem. My spouse (who asked me not to use her name to guard her
privacy) had been enthusiastic about pot because she's operating out of conventional medical
choices. Yet certainly one of her medical doctors has advised that
every one the ibuprofen may have triggered a complex chain response that finally made her situation worse.

As our race to get a pot prescription showed, the irony is that medical pot is available to leisure users whereas
it stays inaccessible for many really sick people who
might profit from it. My wife has no plans to visit Worth-Much less
Evaluations, and I believe that many people like her
would not seek the advice of the likes of Dr. Herb Smoker.
The heady strains of marijuana that pot dispensaries
typically offer are designed to get individuals high, not healthy.

Some of the potent anti-arthritic components of marijuana, cannabidiol,
or CBD, has been largely bred out of most marijuana strains because it counteracts
the psychoactive results of THC.

Nevertheless, some extra medically refined pot dispensaries,
equivalent to Oakland's Harborside Well being Center, have started selling varieties with higher CBD ranges.
In November, Californians will vote on Proposition 19 , a
ballot measure that would legalize pot within the state.
San Francisco permits medical marijuana sufferers like myself
to name two caregivers” to purchase up for us in case we're too sick to get
to the dispensary. Though medical doctors have prescribed opiate painkillers;
I have never favored how they make me really feel. Head to the Weedmaps Physician Listings to see
what's accessible in your area. When it was my turn to talk
with the Doctor, he requested what symptoms had led me to medical marijuana and
if I'd be using it as an alternative to some other varieties of medicine.

Q- I do know that the majority doctor's offices aren't open at night.
A- To raised service our patients, we provide on-line patient
verification out there any time, one year a year. Our online affected person verification program permits for
fast, convenient and secure online patient verifications
24/7. A- No, you must be no less than 18 years or older with legitimate proof of age
and identification to be able to qualify. A- After acquiring your recommendation,
you're legally entitled to grow, possess, devour, and transport hashish
as your drugs. This is solely a California state law; the federal government doesn't recognize medical

A- To the delight of medical marijuana supporters,
the California Highway Patrol has agreed to cease taking hashish from motorists in routine site visitors stops who've a doctor's recommendation. A- It is easy, when you're ready to make an appointment name 866-420-7215, or press the lets get began button. You may decide a
clinic close to you, the place you could be seen by
a doctor specializing in medical marijuana. A- Though it is possible for you to to be medically evaluated by a CA licensed
physician, the workers of ACC and representatives are usually not physicians and don't practice medication or dispense any medical recommendation.

All physicians, osteopaths, and surgeons licensed to observe drugs in California can recommend marijuana for a affected person. Nonetheless, those that apply
extra holistic medicine, similar to chiropractors, natural therapists, and acupuncturists, are not approved to problem medical marijuana suggestions.
Physicians in California have advisable marijuana for different conditions, like
insomnia, PTSD, melancholy, PMS, and more. Proposition 215 additionally allows for cannabis to be transported on California roads by the person in possession of the advice
or their caregiver. Each of these entities are also
protected against being arrested or charged with possession for sale, transportation, or operating
a middle designed to distribute a managed substance.
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